Hallidays Point | Black Head Bazaar

Market Update | Back in September

We've cancelled this Sunday's 5 May 2024 market because rain has made the park too soft for foot and car traffic.

See you at the next regular market in September.

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What whale is that?

Whale spotting guide

You've found an excellent place to observe whales migrating along the NSW East Coast.

Whales migrate to these areas.

Silvrback blog image (NSW NPWS)

The majority of whales migrating in Australia are Humpback Whales. These are the most commonly spotted, though you may also see the occasional Minke, Southern Right, Blue, or Orca.

. . .

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May 26, 2024

Focal Point 2024 Photography Prize

Exhibition open 5 July

We like to support the visual arts. When we thought about organising a photographic competition and prize, we didn't want to limit the entrants or their photographic interests to just our little patch of the coast. We decided to open the Prize to everyone in NSW who's 16 or older. We also decided that we wouldn't limit the places . . .

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February 20, 2024

Black Head Bazaar Information

for stallholders and visitors

Stallholder agreement

By asking to have a stall at the Bazaar, you agree to follow our Stallholder Agreement. Download the current stallholder agreement here.

Political representation and advocacy stalls pay a stall fee and must follow our policy and Stallholder Agreement. Download the policy here.

Charity groups, . . .

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Art Wall @ Black Head

South wall of the library

We've created an art wall at Black Head

The art wall is along the south wall of the Hallidays Point Library.

Starting at the left side, the first two works are by artist Kim Hamilton from the Barrington Coast. Get to know more about Kim's work here.


The next work is by local artist Rod Spicer from . . .

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Hallidays Point Landcare

A Manning Coastcare subgroup

Hallidays Point Landcare was formed in 1995. It joined with Hallidays Point Tidy Towns in 2010, which operated the Black Head Bazaar. In 2017, Hallidays Point Landcare decided to focus solely on land caring activities.The Black Head Bazaar is run by a separate association (which also does land caring activities). Hallidays Point Landcare is . . .

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September 06, 2020

Local walks

Hallidays Point walks
The network of walks in Hallidays Point was established in 1995. The walks extend from Khappinghat in the north to Darawank Nature Reserve in the south through forests, along rocky shores, over headlands, through parks and along lagoons.

Click to download the Hallidays Point walks brochure

Use . . .

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September 10, 2016


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